Why Acsendo?

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Simplify your processes and speak the same language as the managers with detailed reports.

Save Time

In as little as 5 business days implement your evaluation processes and start to develop the talent of your employees.

Speak the language of the managers

The system delivers easy to interpret results and that allow you to show actionable data to simply decision-making. The reports include comparison graphics with which you'll be able to identify tendencies and differences between departments, bosses and types of position.

Bigger participation

About 95% of Acsendo Flex's evaluation's are answered. The system is available for cellular phones and tablets, wich allows that your employees take part in the processes when suits them better, achieving so a bigger participation rate.

Independent of the IT

Nobody likes to depend on the technology department. At Acsendo we want you to be totally independent, so, we make of the usability our priority in the development of our products.


Concierge Implementation

Manage your evaluation models with the help of our dedicated staff.


Easy, fast and simple access from mobile phones and tablets.

Consultant Network

Network of strategic alliances with consultancy companies.


Customize the components of your evaluation processes in a simple and intuitive way.

Real Time Dashboards

Control the progress of your activities through a unified control panel that shows real time results.


Platform available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Export to Excel


See the result reports on Excel spreadsheets.

Tailored support

Support team dedicated to help you reach your goals.

Detailed reports

Easy to read reports with practical advice on how to improve what you need.

9 Box + Closing gaps


Classify your employees' performance in a 9 box matrix.

On the cloud


Acsendo doesn't require installation, you can access it from any device.

Web results

Access the results from any device that has an internet connection.

Automatic reminders

The system notifies deadlines to the employees and to the bosses when the activities are completed

Organizational Chart

Build your company's chart so that the system knows the relations between your employees

Recommended improvement actions


Obtain suggestions and practical advices to improve human management in your organization

Excellent service, always concerned in advance and in how they could help us, great work team.

Manuel La Madrid — Lansier

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