What is Goals Management (KPIs) and why is it important?

In a lot of companies there is a great deal of effort to define the organizational goals, in some cases through the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) process. Nevertheless, in the majority of cases, that information is kept among the companies’ management and there's no way to trace the progress through time.

"What can't be measured can't be managed" Peter Drucker

A company’s workforce that can - through their work – succeed or fail in reaching the organization’s previously defined goals. Acsendo helps organizations establish those organizational goals and converts them into management indicator for each role or profile inside the company. The KPIs or performance indicators help assess the success of any particular activity. In most cases, success is defined as the progress made to achieve the strategic goals of the company and, in other cases simply as the execution of operational goals.

Through Acsendo's technological solution, it's possible to easily assign KPIs to workers depending on their role. Using a library and market standards you can make use of the metrics or KPIs that are most used for each role.

An employee who knows exactly what is expected of him will know how to easily differentiate what's important from what's urgent.

At the same time, if the employee knows the exact metrics that will be used to assess his performance inside the organization in a specific period of time, he will have fully understand the results obtained on his evaluation. The objectivity in measuring KPIs or performance indicators, contributes to align all employees with the organizational goals. On the other hand, it allows them to be evaluated in an environment of equality, which increases motivation and commitment within the organization.

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