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A suite comprising 4 products and 12 modules for you to assess performance, drive engagement and develop human resources.


Acsendo Key

Take the first step toward a more organized and reprocess-free Human Resources management. Automate performance measurement to make informed decisions that enhance productivity and build organizational culture.


Acsendo Engagement

Bolster your organizational culture by supporting key aspects of it, such as feedback, recognition and work environment. Acsendo Engagement enables you to create empowerment plans focused on your company’s reality.


Acsendo Inspired

Complete the cycle of your Human Resources processes and develop new strategies based on the understanding of the different factors involved in human resources management. Take your company’s human resources development to the next level.


Acsendo Agile

It's time to go further! Accelerate your results with the OKR method, spending less time managing your objectives and more time achieving them. Acsendo Agile supports you in adapting to changing environments and making quick decisions.

Features of our products

Key Automate performance measurement Engagement Support key aspects of organizational culture Inspired Enhance your understanding of HR factors Agile Accelerate growth in companies using agile methodologies
Competencies icon-check-circle-green Included close-circle-icon-gray icon-check-circle-green Included close-circle-icon-gray
Work climate close-circle-icon-gray icon-check-circle-green Included close-circle-icon-gray close-circle-icon-gray
Goal management Optional close-circle-icon-gray Optional close-circle-icon-gray
OKR Optional close-circle-icon-gray Optional icon-check-circle-green Included
Acknowledgment Optional icon-check-circle-green Included icon-check-circle-green Included icon-check-circle-green Included
Continuous Feedback Optional icon-check-circle-green Included icon-check-circle-green Included icon-check-circle-green Included
IDP close-circle-icon-gray close-circle-icon-gray icon-check-circle-green Included close-circle-icon-gray
Pollster close-circle-icon-gray icon-check-circle-green Included icon-check-circle-green Included close-circle-icon-gray
Guides and Templates close-circle-icon-gray icon-check-circle-green Included icon-check-circle-green Included close-circle-icon-gray
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Digitally transform your company

Digitally transform your company

Automate HR processes and pave the way to a new and better way of managing your company's talent.

Become the best place to work

Become the best place to work

Strengthen the commitment of your employees and consolidate an unbeatable organizational culture.

Speaks the same language as management

Speaks the same language as management

Generates reports aligned to company metrics and makes data-driven decisions with information that is updated in real time.

12 modules to improve HR management

Our products are complemented by specialized modules to meet the needs of your organization. Request a demo and our team will explain how we can optimize your human talent management.


Goal Management

Allows the visualization of key performance indicators (KPI) so that the company and its staff can easily track the progress of their compliance.



Easily manage team goals and results so professionals can work better and deliver results faster.


360º Competencies

Enables a complete and objective assessment of employees' skills to find out what their strengths and areas for development are.


Work Environment

Identifies opportunities to improve the work environment according to the perceptions registered by the employees.



Highlights and rewards good work through a medal system that encourages high performance and motivates good behavior in teams.


Continuous Feedback

Allows the delivery of feedback in real time and in an orderly manner to stimulate effective conversations that improve performance and resolve conflicts.


Individual Development Plan

Help employees progress in their careers by designing and monitoring a plan of activities aligned with their areas of improvement.



Conduct and manage survey forms as valuable information from your employees, through efficient software.


Succession Plan

Facilitates the anticipation of changes in the company's positions and ensures that they are occupied by people with the most suitable competencies.


Recruitment and Selection

Centralizes the process of publication, communication, and follow-up of vacancies.


Guides and templates

Pre-designed content and communication packages so that the talent strategy is launched from day one.



Aligns companies with the NOM-035 standard and quickly identifies psychosocial risk factors that may be affecting staff members.

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