Company Background

"The work climate assessment allowed us to optimize the information and obtain reliable and concrete results".

Un Kilo de Ayuda is a non-governmental organization that fights against child malnutrition in Mexico. The main purpose of Un Kilo de Ayuda is to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of the most vulnerable population in the region, helping children to reach a healthy standard of living and achieve greater family well-being

Un Kilo de Ayuda needed a tool to diagnose the state of its organizational climate. To achieve this, they were looking for a robust technological platform that would allow them to evaluate their work environment and obtain concrete results that were easy to interpret.


How is this solved?

Un Kilo de Ayuda chose Acsendo to evaluate and manage their work environment because of the possibilities offered by the platform, including:

- Personalized support and accompaniment from training in the use of the platform, through the implementation and application of the assessment, to the delivery of the final reports.

- Easy-to-use evaluation tool that guarantees the anonymity of the answers so that the collaborators complete the survey with total honesty.

This resulted in:

At the end of the process, Acsendo made available to Un Kilo de Ayuda the work climate evaluation reports with the following results:

- Evaluation reports with the appropriate graphs, tables and comments to understand the results and identify strengths and take advantage of opportunities for improvement in each of the departments


Un Kilo de Ayuda was able to establish the points to consolidate a better work environment and develop a strategy to respond to these needs.

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