Company context

Optima Consulting is a leading Chilean company in consulting and human resources management. It has been providing recruitment, strategic consulting and training services for over 20 years with a bespoke customer service. It has conducted nearly 11,000 occupational psychological tests, more than 600 successful executive recruitments and nearly 200 job coaching sessions.

Optima Consulting needed a comprehensive technology platform that would enable it to perform a work climate assessment for one of its clients, an educational institution, which was looking to identify the factors causing conflict in a small area of the work group. Thus, it could then implement an effective action plan that would improve the atmosphere within the institution.

Optima Consulting - Company context

How was this solved?

- Specialized technical support that provided assistance in the development of the questionnaires and offered suggestions regarding appropriate competencies and measurement strategies for climate assessment.

- Possibility of designing questionnaires tailored to the client’s needs - Total anonymity in responses—employees had a username and password for their personal use, which allowed them to express their problems and opinions freely.

- A platform that was easy to use and manage.

- Results obtained quickly so as to take action before the end of the evaluation.

At the end of the process, Acsendo made the final climate assessment report available to Optima with the following results:

- Accurate diagnosis, based on objective and easily accessible tools, which favored human capital management within the organization. 


Optima Consulting utilizó Acsendo Engagement para implementar una evaluación de clima laboral que permitió detectar problemas específicos para crear una estrategia y mejorar el clima dentro de la organización.

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