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Mexarrend, formerly known as Docuformas, is a renowned SAPI (Stock Investment Promotion Corporation) that has supported Mexican companies for more than 20 years by offering various financing alternatives.

Mexarrend faced several challenges, as they were not only looking for a digital platform that was intuitive and easy to use, but also wanted to reduce time, integrate several HR processes and have reports that would show areas of improvement to boost the development of their employees and teams. As explained by Francisco, Human Resources coordinator at Mexarrend, “we are a financial company, numbers are our bread and butter.” Therefore, reports had to be intuitive and provide valuable insights. “The decisions we make regarding human resources must be very accurate and dependent on facts and figures,” he added. In short, they were looking for a comprehensive solution that would enable them to measure competencies, manage goals and drive development in a way that was practical, straightforward and, above all, that would deliver key data on staff performance.”


How is this solved?

Francisco had already used a cloud-based HR software when he worked as a consultant, but it did not meet his expectations. So, he conducted a market analysis to find an alternative that would fit the processes of its Human Resources area. He took a demo to see the Acsendo Flex system and was amazed at how easy it was to operate the platform: “when I saw Acsendo, which is very intuitive, I started to operate it, launched some pilot tests and found it to be excellent.” What he liked most about the system was the possibility of integrating the Competencies and Goals modules in order to generate a 9Box Matrix and the ability to easily make changes or configurations.

Although they purchased all the Acsendo Flex modules, they knew that they would not get the expected impact if they launched all processes at the same time. The idea was for the implemented modules to be aligned with the Growth methodology they had been using to accelerate their growth. This is the same methodology used by Facebook and Twitter.

They started off with the 360º competency assessment, which was conducted on 34 leaders, then implemented goals and went on to create Plans.

Success Stories
When I saw Acsendo, which is very intuitive, I started to operate it, launched some pilot tests and found it to be excellent.”
Francisco Javier L.
Individual Development and Training (IDP) Coordinator.

This was coupled with communication campaigns, training courses and coaching sessions with the participants.

They were thus able to create a performance measurement dashboard, where each process was assigned a percentage: Goals 80%, Competencies 15% and IDP 5%. The results were used to make decisions related to the compensation scheme and were used as input by the HR department to create career plans at Mexarrend.

One of the most outstanding results for Francisco has to do with the reduction of time in conducting evaluations and tabulating results: “we used to do it manually using Excel—it was very time-consuming,” he stated.

But what stood out the most was the integration between modules, which enabled Mexarrend to build a comprehensive human resources management model that involved competency assessment, goal tracking and the creation of development plans.

All of this was done in a quick-to-use, cloud-based system, because, as the head of Human Resources explained: “it enables you to conduct surveys very easily and respond to them in a very straightforward, hassle-free manner.”

As for the reports received, he was satisfied and found them very valuable, because in addition to serving as input for other processes, they were used to strengthen their School of Managers. This facilitated the delivery of effective feedback, as the leaders had objective and valuable information to inform the session.

The 9Box matrix, on the other hand, helped them identify each team’s high potentials and start blocks in order to assist them in closing gaps based on reliable figures and statistics.

Mexarrend plans to continue using Acsendo Flex tools and, in the long term, to integrate the modules they are already using with the creation of succession plans. “Acsendo is a very important part for us,” Francisco concluded.


Mexarrend used Acsendo Inspired as a comprehensive tool to manage and elevate its employees’ potential to the maximum, fostering a productive culture and achieving growth.

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