Company context

GAYA is one of Mexico’s leading construction companies. For more than 30 years, this company has been in charge of ambitious projects in the country, such as Corporativo Cinepolis in the city of Morelia or the new library at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

The Human Capital department at GAYA required a solution that would enable them to strengthen their performance evaluation (competencies) by giving a greater degree of certainty to the results obtained, making them more objective, without sacrificing the flexibility of filling out evaluation forms on different platforms, as well as visualizing results in a simple manner. They were looking for a system that delivered objective and strategic reports, bypassing the time and operational investment their platform required. As Juan Carlos Blando, Head of Personnel Administration at GAYA, explained: “In the past, outstanding results were obtained at the company level that did not necessarily reflect reality, i.e., in hard business results.

This was compounded by the usual requirements for the acquisition of new software: technical requirements, coverage, costs, implementation time, outcomes analysis, among others. But Acsendo had all the features they were looking for in a solution.


How was this solved?

The Competencies module enabled them to evaluate their staff by behaviors, using a system that was agile and easy to use for everyone.

The module also enabled team leaders from all areas to respond from any device and receive easy-to-understand reports. This made it easier for them to provide feedback, because before talking to employees, they had reports that gathered statistics on their strengths, areas for improvement and competency gaps. When asked about the impact that Acsendo has made, Juan Carlos said:

“The company’s collaborators, as well as the Management team, perceive an improvement in the process, making it more agile and user-friendly for everyone. Results visualization is a great asset that enables us to provide comprehensive feedback for each team leader.”

This led to the following outcomes:

One of the most outstanding outcomes of GAYA’s use of the platform is the improvement in the quality of results. “Improving competency assessment by including behaviors by level has made the results obtained more objective,” Juan Carlos said.

This has been proven by “congruence between assessment results and financial business results,” he added. By having objective, intuitive reports that pinpoint each employee’s main areas of opportunity.”


Gaya utilizó Acsendo Inspired para gestionar sus metas, reconocer las brechas y oportunidades en competencias y desarrollar a sus colaboradores para sacar su mayor potencial.

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