"The evaluation allowed us to cross-reference information from all areas of the institution to find solutions to specific problems".

The National Electoral Council of Ecuador guarantees the exercise of citizens' political rights and promotes the strengthening of democracy by organizing electoral processes and supporting political and social organizations. Its management ensures equitable, equal, intercultural, free, democratic and fair participation to elect and be elected

The National Electoral Council was looking for a technology platform that would allow it to establish objective opportunities for institutional improvement in its internal management processes, with the main focus on improving the service provided to citizens.


How is this solved?

Friendly surveys with election officials, with objective answers and keeping the results confidential, which allows obtaining real data about the work environment and performance.

- Proper and timely follow-up on the development of the evaluations, allowing other employees to be formally notified of their participation in the studies conducted.

As a result:

At the end of the process, Acsendo made available to the CNE the work climate and competencies assessment reports with the following results

- A 100% participation of the employees who were invited to take part in the assessment, thus strengthening the integration of the work team.

- Graphic reports that allow the crossing of information with the different areas of the organization, generating a proper interrelation of results to find solutions to specific problems.


CNE in Ecuador was able to understand and address the problems their employees were facing that were threatening customer service.

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