Company Background

We built human talent management solutions together with Acsendo to meet the specific needs of our organization.
Bodytech is a medical sports club established in 1997. It has 46 locations in Colombia, 39 in Chile and 10 in Peru. Its goal is to improve the quality of life of the community through exercise with healthy products and services that allow them to perform, look and feel better.

Bodytech was looking for a technology solution that would allow them to conduct a work climate and performance evaluation that included all of their employees, with the ability to track the entire process through a secure and reliable system. In addition, they were looking for extra functionality, such as the application of custom surveys and evaluations.


How is this solved?

- A support desk trained and available at all times to solve any inconvenience that may arise during the different stages of the evaluation processes carried out.

- A web tool that is easy to understand and manage by any employee in the organization, without the need to invest time in training.
As a result:
At the end of each process, Acsendo made the evaluation reports available to Bodytech. The following results were presented:

- Excellent level of participation from all company employees. 100% of the scheduled evaluation surveys were completed and all departments in the organization were involved, thus strengthening the integration of the work team.

- Easy-to-interpret assessment reports with the information required by the company, including graphs, tables, and comments designed to clarify strengths to enable the design of action plans to take advantage of the improvement opportunities found.

- Since the beginning of our partnership with Acsendo our human talent management processes have greatly improved. The willingness of the support team is exceptional, they always come up with ideas to find the best solution to the challenges we face


Bodytech found in Acsendo Inspired the perfect solution to integrate work climate improvement and performance improvement; thus developing a happy team with a high commitment to the company.

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