Company context

Banorte (Banco Mercantil del Norte) is Mexico’s third largest banking institution in deposit size and fourth largest in credit. Banorte has nearly 13 million customers in the banking sector, 27 thousand employees working in 1,184 branches, 7,135 ATMs and 6,853 customer contact points through banking correspondents all over Mexico.

Banorte needed a robust and reliable technology platform that would enable it to implement a comprehensive assessment of work competencies in order to manage the performance of the organization’s human resources.

How was this solved?

"“Banorte entered into an alliance with Acsendo to conduct its 360º competency assessment process for several reasons, including:

- A cloud-based evaluation system that was fully adapted to the work competency model created by Banorte to measure and manage performance. It was also possible to identify its employees’ strengths and opportunities for improvement.

- An implementation period for the competency model that was adjusted to the institution’s timeframe.

- A user-friendly platform with a high degree of usability that enabled each employee to quickly respond to the evaluations assigned to them without the need for specialized technical knowledge.

This led to:

- A high level of appropriation by the organization’s employees when responding to the evaluations assigned, which fostered greater commitment among all the participants in the process and strengthened the company’s organizational culture.

- Flexible reports, fully adapted to Banorte’s competency model, which made it possible to visualize results in line with the company’s requirements. All of this was aimed at identifying the strengths and opportunities for improvement of each of the participants in the assessment.” "


Banorte used Acsendo Key to implement its 360 competency assessment, achieve honest results in an agile manner, and better manage its human resources by better understanding gaps and development opportunities.

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