Key Concepts You Should Know

Find concepts and content that will help you understand the strategic role of Human Resources


Human talent management is critical to a company's strategy. The dynamics of today's work environment represents a change in the role that human resources must play in an organization. For this reason, we have compiled essential concepts for you to recognize their importance and apply them easily with free support material.


What is Organizational Climate?

One of the main factors for motivating employees in a company is to have a good organizational climate. When employees go to their workplace out of obligation, and not because they enjoy their work, the consequences are reflected in employee commitment and, consequently, in the productivity of the company itself.


What are competencies?

All managers recognize the importance of human talent within their companies, but few actually care and take action on the subject. Most agree on the importance of aligning employees' efforts with the company's organizational strategy. Nevertheless, there are very few times when organizations succeed in accomplishing this goal.


What is goal management (KPI's)?

It is precisely all the company's employees that through their work achieve or not those previously defined goals. Acsendo helps organizations define those organizational goals by converting them into management indicators for each of the company's positions or profiles. KPIs or management indicators help us evaluate the success of a particular activity.


What is competency assessment?

Competency assessment is a process in which an individual receives anonymous feedback from supervisors, colleagues or any interested party. This allows him/her to have a comprehensive view of his/her strengths as well as areas for improvement.

Along with management by goals, competency assessment is one of the methods used by companies to measure performance. The aim here is to identify not only the results, but also the behaviors of the team when they work, in other words, how they do their job and what kind of skills they put into practice.

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