About Us

Acsendo is a startup founded in 2008 with the aim of creating a technology solution for automating and improving human resources processes.


We are your strategic allies in human resources management.

Sobre nosotros

At Acsendo, we believe that human resources is the competitive advantage that guarantees organizations the ability to adapt and learn.

That’s why we support directors, leaders, managers and CEOs in maximizing the skills of their staff to enhance economic growth.

More than an HR software solution that saves time and automates processes, we are a strategic ally that helps align everyone in the company towards the same goal. 

Our Achievements

Our track record has been acknowledged as a successful experience by several organizations and events.

2008 2008

Acsendo founded

2010 2010

Comenzamos ofreciendo nuestro producto puerta a puerta

2012 2012

Innpulsa award winners

2013 2013

Masschallenge Bootcamp program winners among 10 Colombian companies

2014 2014

First deals closed abroad

2015 2015

We opened an office in Portugal, received investment from VC Velum, entered the ENDEAVOR Marrakech entrepreneurship program and won at SWITCH Mexico.

2016 2016

We opened offices in Mexico and Chile, won at Team Startup Colombia and received investment from VC Veronorte.

2018 2018

We opened an office in Chile and began a process of plant growth.

2020 2020

Acsendo adopts the OKR method

2021 2021

We make our first sales in Nicaragua and Venezuela

Our Manifesto

We develop and make people fall in love with us in order to have more productive organizations.

Our organizational culture is based on the following principles:


1. We are proud of our Product, we recognize its limits and benefits, and we are committed to making it the best in the market.


2. We feel comfortable saying no and renegotiate our agreements in order to deliver what we promise.


3. We are not satisfied with what we already know—we want to be constantly learning, and we are masters of our career and development plan.


4. We make decisions based on market data and trends.


5. We are known for giving and receiving feedback in order to identify our mistakes in time and make decisions in favor of Acsendo.


6. We are all aligned towards exceeding our OKRs—we do not work in silos.

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