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  • Sector: HR Consulting

“Facing our problems, Acsendo answers with solutions in an agile way.”

Optima Consulting is an academic institution, that had important climate and interpersonal problems in a specific area before solving them by being our clients.


Optima Consulting needed an integral technological platform that allowed to perform a work environment evaluation to one of its clients, a scholar institution, that was searching to identify the factors that caused conflicts in a small area of the working group. This way, it could implement rightaway an efective action plan that would improve the climate in the institution's interior.


- Specialized technical support that grants help on the development of the surveys and offers suggestions respecting the competencies and suitable measurement strategies for the environment evaluation.

- Possibility of designing surveys to fit the client's needs

- Total anonymity of answers, employees counted with a user and passwrod of personal use, that allowed them to express their problems and opinions freely.

- Easy to use and manage platform.

- Results obtained in a short period of time to take actions before ending the evaluation.


- At the end of the process, Acsendo sent the Work Environment reports to Optima Consulting with the following results:

- Accurate diagnosis, by means of objective and easily accessible tools that favored the human capital management inside the organization.

"In Acsendo we found technical support for the development of the surveys, as well as suggestions for the adequate measurement strategies for the identified problem. At the same time, we relied on a confidential data capture system, with username and password for every employee. Everyone could access the web platform anywhere, including his home, thus providing the necessary privacy to express its problems and opinions freely."

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