• Colombia
  • Sector: Services
  • Nr. of employees: 1694

"We build human talent management solutions together with Acsendo to answer specific needs of our organization"

- Bodytech is a medical sports club created in 1997 that amounts to 46 headquarters in Colombia, 10 in Peru and 39 in Chile. Its purpose is the improvement of the community's quality of life through the practice of physical exercise, health products and services that allow them to perform and feel better.


Bodytech was looking for a technological solution that allowed them to perform a work environment and performance evaluation that included all of its employees, adding the ability to trace the whole process through a safe and trustworthy system. Additionally, they were looking for extra functionalities like the application of surveys and customized evaluations.


- A support table trained and available at any time to take care of any inconvenience that arose during the different stages of the evaluation processes.

- A web tool easy to understand and handle by any of the organization's employees, without the need to invest time in trainings.


At the end of the process, Acsendo sent the Work Environment reports to Bodytech with the following results:

- Excellent level of participation of all the company's employees. 100% of the programmed evaluation surveys were completed and all the departments of the organization were involved, thus strengthening integration within the team.

- Easy to interpret evaluation reports with the required information, including graphics, tables and comments that allow the definition of plans of action to foster the strengths and improve weaknesses.

- "Since the beginning of our alliance with Acsendo our processes of human talent management have improved a lot. The dedication of the support team is exceptional, always presenting ideas to search for the better solution for the challenges that are presented to us."

Daniel Romero — Captain of Organizational Development at Bodytech

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