Work Environment

Evaluate your organization's work environment by asking those who know it better: your employees!

Customizable questionnaires

Guaranteed anonimity

Comparison with historical results

Detailed Reports

How does it Work?


Implemmentation Engineer

You will know your implementation engineer. Our specialist will help you with configure the evaluation and any possible adjustments you may need.



The questionnaire is created within the system with all its questions, answer options and its values. The instruction, welcome and gratitude texts can also be defined.


Survey configuration

Configure the dates for sending the survey, as well as the e-mails that will be used to send invitations and reminders.


Following the progress

Follow the anwers of your employees through a control panel, that will also allow you to send reminders to guarantee the participation of all the members of your company.


Easy to read color coded reports that help you identify the dimensions, questions, departments and branches that present better results. Discover the improvement opportunities on which you must work!

"With Acsendo we are able to know the perceptions of our employees and compare their results with the market's average."

—Camila Rodríguez,

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