Promote the recognition of merit between your employees with medals that value a job well done.

Customizable Medals

Reenforce the values of the company

Employee of the month

How does it work?


Bank of Medals

Define the medals that will be available so that they will be sent between your employees. You can select each medal's image and text.



Choose the participants of the recognition process that will be able to send and receive medals.


Set Up Permissions

Define the participation rules, ergo: number of medals that can be sent, whether you can send medals to all members of the organization or only to those in your department, etc.


Activate the process

Establish the date on which the medals will be available on the system, so that the employees can begin to recognise the good performance of their peers.


Identify the employees that are the most active on sending medals and recognise the departments with more engagement. Verify if there are bosses that haven't approved their employees' medals and, of course, congratulate the employees that received the most medals!

"With Acsendo Flex we were able to conduct our semester competencies evaluations and mesure the progress of our employees' goals in an easy and efective maner."

—Victor Viana, Manager at Triple i Consulting

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