OKRs for your company

Easily manage OKRs to align your staff with the activities to achieve the best results

Strategic Alignment

Transparency in all business levels

One click follow ups

Linked with 360 Feedback and peer recognition

¿How does an OKR software work?

At Acsendo we work with your company throughout the implementation process in order to meet the initial objectives and expectations



We provide a complete kit with multimedia so you can communicate to your staff what OKRs are and how to use the software.


Expectations management

Work with your leaders to set up the system limits, objectives and key results.


OKRs creation

Create the OKRs in the system and assign them to people or teams involved. Easily align the work with the strategy at all levels.


Follow up

It is important to foster a culture of autonomy that highlights the relevance of both managers and employees doing their check- ins properly and in an organized manner.


Results and calibration

Centralized platform to review real time results in order to facilitate the decision making process


Managers and strategic positions will be able to access a dashboard with data that makes it easy to identify the effectiveness, progress and status of objectives.

You can access to individual, department and global results throughout a user friendly system that reflects performance in real time

Complement the OKRs process with 360 feedback and peer recognition with our other modules ¡Increase your impact!

With the technological support of Acsendo's human resources systems we've succeeded on being competitive in markets in which previously we had no possibilities.

—Paz Vial, Optima Consulting

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