Individual Development Plan

Schedule activities for the individual development of each employee and close competency gaps.

Periodical follow-ups

Oriented Development

Activities library

Close the gaps

How does it work?


Implementation Engineer

You will know the implementation engineer that will help you configure the process of creation of your employees' development plans.


Creation of an Activities Library

Upload the activities that you have thought out for your employees. The employees will be able to auto assign activities or you can also directly assign their activities.


Activity assignment

Each employee must choose its activities so they can be approved by his boss. He will be able to choose predetermined activities from the library or create new ones according to the strategy of the company.


Individual follow-up

Employees, like managers, will be able to perform the periodical follow-up to each activity to act in case of problems. It will also be possible to upload evidence of the fulfillment of the activities.


Analyze the results with ease. Revise the activities that were finished and discover the employees that accomplished more activities and received better classifications. While accessing the results you can make a new competency evaluation that allows you to identify the success of the process of closing gaps.

"Our relationship with Acsendo was always very professional, and any difficulty was solved with the upmost dedication and professionalism by their support personnel. The results fulfilled our expectations."

—Luz Emilia Gutiérrez Gil, Operation Analyst at Coljuegos

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