Goals Management

Align your employees goals with the strategic objectives of your organization.

Periodical Follow-Ups


Tied with the IDP

Ponderation with Evaluation of Competencies

How does it work?


Implementation Engineer

You will know the implementation engineer that will help you with the configuration of the process of creation and goals assignment.



Build your company's chart so that the platform recognizes the relation between your company's employees.


Strategic Goals & Follow-Ups

Define the strategic goals that align with the individual goals and establish the desired follow-up periods.


Creation & Goals Approval

Employees and bosses access the platform to create and approve their respective individual goals, defining a results color scheme and the calculation rules of each goal.


Periodical Follow-Ups

In each follow-up the employees fill in their self-evaluation, upload an evidence archive and leave a comment so that their bosses confirm or adjust said evaluation.


Detailed reports with results per strategic goal and per individual goal that will allow you to quickly identify which departments and employees have the best performance.

Thoroughly analize the results within the platform and verify differences between departments, leaders and strategic goals. Moreover, easily identify the managers and employees that have accomplished their evaluations.

"With the technological support of Acsendo's human resources systems we've succeeded on being competitive in markets in which previously we had no possibilities."

—Paz Vial, Optima Consulting

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