360 Competencies

Find out if your employees’ behaviors and skills match their role requirements.


Multi-level (360º)


Detailed Reports

How does it work?


Implementation Engineer

You will get to know your implementation engineer. You'll be assigned a member of our specialized team, who will help you with all the configuration of the evaluation.


Competency Model

Our specialist will help you to implement your competency model and the organizational structure to guarantee that in a 3 working days maximum you can send out your evaluations.



Build your company's chart so that the system recognizes the relations between your company's employees.


Performance Appraisal Degrees

Define whether the evaluation will be of 160º or 360º. Configure the competency based model in detail as you define the evaluators and the relative weights of each evaluation.


Configuration and Customization

Select the dates of the evaluation and customize your account with the colors, logos and tone of your corporative image.


Collect Answers

Publish the evaluation and follow the progress of the answers in real time. Send reminders and achieve great participation rates.


Quantify the performance and the commitment of your teams through easily interpretable results and build efective development plans that allow you to find the biggest improvement opportunities for your company.

Discover the best talents of your group of employees and strenghten their skills through the analisys of reports that are easy to interpret, detailed and that provide actionable advices.

"With Acsendo Flex we were able to conduct our semester competencies evaluations and mesure the progress of our employees' goals in an easy and efective maner."

—Victor Viana, Manager at Triple i Consulting

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