Your work environment is key to talent retention
Discover how to improve your employees’ happiness by conducting the work environment survey and implementing its suggestions.



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In a happy team everyone is more productive

Identify the factors that are holding back your team’s work environment

What you’ll learn

With the work environment evaluation you’ll get detailed results for each of the work environment’s dimensions, so that you can easily identify the factors you must work on improving.

Quickly identify the work environment dimensions that are below average so that you can start working on them.

How do I need to set up my work environment evaluation?

You don´t need to be an expert in talent management, we’re here to help. The survey comes pre-configured so you don’t have to worry about finding the right statements to evaluate.

The work environment survey has been used by hundreds of organizations all over the world and consist of 48 statements, divided into 6 dimensions.

Detailed Results

The work environment report is automatically generated once the evaluation process is over and includes a set of tables and graphics that allow you to quickly understand global results, as well as department and dimensions results.

The work environment report lets you dive into the data, seeing detailed results for each of the 6 work environment dimensions and departments in your organization.

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