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Meet the Team Acsendo:
The faces behind the software

Who we are

Acsendo was founded in 2007 as a talent management software provider and from that moment on has been working with customers from Colombia, Chile, Peru and Mexico. Acsendo was awarded the Innpulsa award in Colombia in 2012, and in the following year was selected to be accelerated in Masschallenge in Boston for 5 months.
Acsendo promotes meritocracy inside organizations by providing a software that allows them to evaluate their human talent. With objective and detailed data, companies can take well informed talent management decisions such as: promotions, bonuses, pay rises, etc.
By 2016, Acsendo will present the biggest growth and will be the most prestigious human talent software provider in Latin America, with sales rising over 1 million dollars.

Meet the team

Carlos Alberto Santana
Carlos Alberto SantanaCEO and cofounder of Acsendo
As CEO I’m responsible for the implementation of Acsendo’s strategy as predefined by the Board. I’m an Industrial Engineer with post graduate degree in Finances and an MBA from the University de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia. In my free time, I’m with my family. I like to read, jogging and playing Acquire.
Arturo Garcia
Arturo GarciaTesting Engineer
I joined Acsendo in 2011. I make sure that everything the developing team produces is error free. Currently I’m finishing my degree in System Engineering, in Uniminuto, Bogotá. I love to ride my bike.
Francisco Vieira Mendes
Francisco Vieira MendesCMO
I’ve been in Acsendo since 2013. I’m responsible for developing, implementing and managing the brand’s online and offline strategy. I’m a marketing graduate with an executive master in Digital Marketing. As I am Portuguese, I love football (the one you play with the foot), travelling and getting to know new cultures.
Winder Castiblanco
Winder CastiblancoJunior Developer
In Acsendo since 2013. I’m responsible for writing code, constructing and implement Acsendo’s modules, on top of that I give support and maintenance to our app. I’m currently studying System Engineer. To blow off steam I like to play football, videogames and to read.
Roberto Andrés Salgado
Roberto Andrés SalgadoSenior developer
In Acsendo since 2013. I’m in charge of the developing of the app’s new modules and the application of the technical guidelines. I like to ride my mountain bike and to play football.
Farley Guarin
Farley GuarinAccount Manager for Latin America
I’m in charge of responding to quotation requests, making sales presentations and following their progress. I’m the person you talk to if you want to know how Acsendo can help you better manage your talent.
Leidy Torres
Leidy TorresAdministrative & Accounting assistant
I’m responsible for most administrative things in the office; I also help with payroll and billing. I’m currently finishing my degree in Public Accounting. On my spare time, I love being with my family.
Felipe Cristancho
Felipe CristanchoContent Manager
I’m a journalist major and I currently contribute, edit and run Acsendo’s blog and social media presence. If you read a newsletter, that’s probably me. I love football, technology and all things millennial.
Juliana Martínez Gómez
Juliana Martínez GómezSupport Engineer
I’m soon to be a systems engineer graduate, and I’m in charge of customer support. When I have free time, I like to read and listen to music.
Ivan Manosalva
Ivan ManosalvaSystems Engineer
I’m a systems engineer and I’m in charge of giving support to Acsendo’s app. I’m also responsible for making sure any issue you might have with the platform is quickly addressed. I like football and travelling.
Juan José Guzman
Juan José GuzmanProject Manager
I’m a graduate from the Universidad del Rosario. I’m responsible for meeting our deadlines, so I’m the guy who tracks development and support times.
Jéssica Mendes
Jéssica MendesWeb Designer
I’m in charge of our web presence and interface design. I’m a graduate in Design and Multimedia and I’m currently doing my Masters in the same subject. I love to read, watch tv shows and horseback riding.
Carlos Valderrama
Carlos ValderramaAccount Manager for Colombia
I studied business administration in the Universidad de los Andes. As Acsendo’s sales rep for Colombia, I’m in charge of presenting quotes, doing demos and tracking our sales goals. In my spare time y like to read, play football and sports in general.
Felix Villamizar
Felix VillamizarAccountant
I’m the accountant here at Acsendo and also a fiscal consultant. I’m with Acsendo since its foundation and I’ve known personally 3 of the co-founders for many years. I’m a graduate of the Universidad Externado de Colombia.
Andrés Flechas
Andrés FlechasAccount Manager for Latin America
I majored in Business Administration from the Universidad de los Andes. Being an account manager, I am in charge of presenting quotations, doing software demos and helping our customers in any way possible. I am very active, and I love to practice all sorts of sports, particularly football. I also looove music :)
Juan David Ramos
Juan David RamosJunior Developer
I am an electronics engineer form the Universidad Nacional, in Bogotá. I am the guy that implements the code for all Acsendo’s new in-app features. My spare time is movie time!
Ana María de la Espriella
Ana María de la EspriellaOrganizational Psychologist
I’m an Organizational Psychology major with a minor in French Language & Culture and I’m in charge of Acsendo’s in-app content. I frequently write in our blog and I work every day to try and bring our software as close to the real needs of our customers as possible. I love to learn new languages, to listen to music and to be with my family.
William León
William LeónTesting Engineer
I’m a Systems Engineer from the Universidad Distrital in Bogotá. I’m the one who makes sure everything inside our app works as intended. I spend my days testing for usability and feature errors. I love to read and to listen to music.
Diana Bernal
Diana BernalProject manager
As the project manager I make sure we stick to our development calendar as well as making sure support and reporting are delivered on time. I facilitate the communication between IT, Support and Sales departments.
Jackson Pires
Jackson PiresAccount Manager Brazil & Spain
I was born in the south of Brazil, from a Portuguese family. My goal is to offer our HR business solutions to companies in Brazil and Spain. I have studied accounting in Brazil and I’m now doing my masters in accounting at the University of Coimbra. I love to travel, even if to place I have already seen.
Catalina Segovia
Catalina SegoviaDesigner
I studied design with a focus on product and communication in the Universidad de los Andes. I’m in charge of designing the marketing message @ Acsendo. I love movies, traveling and riding my bike.
Edizon León
Edizon LeónAccount Executive
I’m a Systems Engineer and as account executive for Acsendo I’m in charge of presenting our software and services to companies throughout Latin America. I love to play soccer, to travel and to watch movies.
João Sottomayor
João SottomayorGraphic Designer
I’m the new intern at Acsendo! As a Graphic Design graduate, I’m one of the people encharge of Acsendo’s image. I’m from Portugal and no, I don’t play football quite as well as Ronaldo :) But I dursf, which is way better! My personal motto is: Try not to visit the same place twice before I’ve been everywhere else!