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Talent management solutions

Soluciones para la gestión de Talento Humano

Discover how you can better engage your employees, uncover hidden talents and reward the overachievers in your team with Acsendo’s talent management solutions

Work Environment


Discover your company’s shortcomings and glorify its over-performing talents

It takes honest feedback to really get a sense of the perceptions your team has of the environment it works in. Acsendo Work Environment’s survey ensures anonymity to all participants in order to gather sincere responses and constructive feedback.

Benchmark: Using Acsendo Work Environment you’ll be able to compare your company’s results with the average of 1000+ companies.

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360º Competencies

The whole team should take part in individual assessments

Set the specific competencies required for each position in your organization, conduct the assessments by gathering feedback from the employee’s work team and identify the competency gaps to close!

The evaluation is multi-rater (90º; 180º; 360º) meaning you may choose to ask for the feedback from each employee’s manager, peers, subordinates, internal/external customers, etc.

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Goal Management (KPIs)


Align corporate goals with individual objectives

Employees are more productive when they have a clear sense of how their efforts help the company achieve its goals. By implementing a goal management program you can align your employee’s individual goals with the company’s KPIs.

It’s a simple equation:

Clear goals + tracking and monitoring = Higher productivity!

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