What is organizational environment?

One of the main factors to achieve the motivation of the employees in a company is to have a good work environment. When employees go to their work place by obligation, and not because they enjoy their work, the consequences are reflected in the commitment of the employees and so like so, in the same company's productivity.

How to know if there's a good work environment?

In practice it's very easy. There are companies where the majority of the employees agree that that is a good work place, and others where on the contrary they think the work environment isn't the ideal. Inside the organizations there's an energy that one has to know to seize so that all involved get benefited. On one hand, so that the employees enjoy their stay in the work place, and on the other hand, so that the company can funnel that good energy and increase productivity and obtain better results.

Through the technological solution we offer at Acsendo, we allow to identify how's the environment inside the organizations.

This we do it through a survey that's certified and aproved by dozens of companies from various sectors. Each employee receives an invitation to answer an online survey where the main factors that are part of the organizational environment are evaluated.

The results of the organizational environment show for themselves. Why does an employee decide to remain in his company when he's being offered more money from another? Why do employees stay working until late when their boss doesn't ask them to? Why do some employees feel the company as theirs? The answer is because they're trully commited and like working there and this, in a big way, is owed to the organizational environment that exists inside each company.

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