What are the competencies?

All managers recognize the importance of the human talent inside their companies, but only a few really worry and take letters to the matter. Most coincide in the importance of aligning the effort of the employees with the company's organizational strategy. However, very few times companies succeed achieving that goal.

For a ship without direction, any destination is good. How's your company? If the first coworker that crosses your path in the office asks what your behavioral competencies, do you think you'd be in conditions to answer him? We can help you with the process.

Acsendo helps you evaluating your company's competencies through a technological solution that allows you to assign to each profile or each role, inside the organization, specific competencies.

Each role has his own organizational competencies, that are the ones expected from all the company's members, and specific competencies of the division depending of the tasks they have to perform. To increase the evaluation's objectivity, we perform a measure through surveys made in 360 degrees. That means that to each employee no only the boss evaluates him, but his colleagues or peers get involved, and the employees that report directly to the person and, of course, the self evaluation. In some cases, evaluations from internal and external clients can be included.

The gears must work perfectly between the company's organizational strategy and the employees execution of the work. If the employees know what's expected of them, if we're clear in explaining them what are the behavioral competencies required to the position he's occupying, then they can put an enfasis in strenghtening the behaviours in the productivity we expect from them.

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