• Mexico
  • Sector: NGO
  • Nr. of employees: 211

"The Working Environmetn evaluation allowed us to optimize the information and obtain reliable and concrete results"

Un Kilo de Ayuda is a non governmental organization that fights infantile malnutrituion in Mexico. Un Kilo de Ayuda's main purpose is to contribute to the improvement of life conditions of the most vulnerable population in the region, contributing to help children reach a healthy level of life and achieve a bigger family well fare.


Un Kilo de Ayuda needed a tool to perform a diagnosis of its organizational environment state. To achieve it, it was looking for a robust technological platform that allowed them to perform an evaluation of its working environment and obtain concrete results of easy interpretation.


Un Kilo de Ayuda chose Acsendo to evaluate and manage its working environment due to the possibilities that the platform offers, among them: - Support and personalized accompaniment since the capacitation for the usage of the platform, passing through the implemmentation and application of the evaluation, until the delivery of the final reports. - Easy to use evaluation tool that guarantees anonimity of the answers so that the employees complete the query with total honesty.


At the end of the process, Acsendo made available to Un Kilo de Ayuda the reports of the working environment evaluation with the following results:

- Evaluation reports with grafics, tables and adequate comments to understand the results and identify the strenghts and seize the improvement opportunities of each of the departments.

"We're very happy and satisfied with Acsendo's service. They accompanied us during the entire process within our companny and solved the problems that presented in the time and maner to successfully conclude the evaluation."

Belen Calvo — Executive of Organization Culture and Persons at Un Kilo de Ayuda.

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