• Ecuador
  • Sector: Government

"The evaluation allowed us to cross information from all areas of the institution to find solutions to specific problems"

The National Electoral Counsil of Ecuador guarantees the exercise of the political rights of the citizenship and promotes the strengthening of the democracy, by means of the organization of electoral processes and the support of political and social organizations; ensuring a fair, equalitary, paritary, intercultural, free, democratic and just participation to elect and be elected.


The National Electoral Counsil was searching for a technological platform that allowed them to establsih objective institutional improvement opportunities on its internal management processes, having as main point the improvement of the care service provided to the citizenship.


- Surveys friendly with the electoral officials, with objective answers and maintaining the reserve of its results, what allows to obtain real data of environment and labor performance.

- Adequate follow up, and in the indicated timing, of the development of the evaluations, allowing to formally notify the employees of their participation in the performed studies.


At the end of the process, Acsendo made available to the CNE the reports of the environment and labor competencies evaluation with the following results:

- Participation of 100% of the employees invited to take part of the evaluation, strenghtening so the integration of the work team.

- Graphical reports that allowed to cross information with the organization's areas, generating an adequate correlation of results to find the solution to specific problems.

"Acsendo's platform of environment and labor competencies evaluation allows us to obtain institutional information without any kind of manipulation, obtaining integral results that provide a unique improvement opportunity"

Diego Barragán — Administrative Department of the CNE – Provincial Delegation of Tungurahua

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