• Mexico
  • Sector: Financial
  • Nr. of employees: 4200

"Acsendo has managed to build a flexible performance evaluation platform with the capacity of adaptation to the customer's needs"

Banorte, the Mercantile Bank of the North, is the third biggest institution in Mexico in what comes to size of deposits and the fourth biggest in credit. Banort has about 13 million customers in the banking sector, 27 thousand employees servicing 1.184 branch offices, 7.135 ATM machines and 6.853 contact points through co-responsible banks across the country.


Banorte needed a robust and trustworthy technological platform that would allow them to implement an integral evaluation of labor competencies to manage the performance of the organization's human talent.


Banorte formed an alliance with Acsendo to carry out its process of 360 competencies evaluation for severall reasons, among them: - A system of evaluation on the cloud that totally adapted to the model of labor competencies created by Banorte to measure and manage the performance. The identification of strenghts and improvement oportunities of its employees was also achieved. - A period of implementation of the competencies model that adjust to the times of the institution. - A user friendly platform with a high level of usability so that each employee would quickly answer to the evaluations that were assigned to him without the need to have specialized technical knowledge.


- Great appropriation of the employees towards the company at the time of answering the assigned evaluations, which contributes to generate a bigger compromise between all the participants of the process and strenghten the company's organizational culture.

- Flexible reports and one hundreed percent adapted to Banorte's competency model, which allowed to visualize the results under the company's requirements. All of it directed to identify the strenghts and improvement opportunities of each of the evaluation's participants.

"The service provided and the customer support by Acsendo are excellent. We managed to set up a 360 performance evaluation totally adapted to our needs without any problem."

Anna Marisela Orantes — Human Talent Coordinator at Banorte

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