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Un Kilo de Ayuda

"The Working Environment evaluation allowed us to optimize the information and obtain reliable and concrete results"

Un Kilo de Ayuda is an organization of nongovernmental character that fights against malnutrition in Mexico. The organization's purpose is to contribute to improve health conditions of the region's most vulnerable population, contributing to a healthier life and a bigger family wellfare, that allows them to have a better development in all aspects, and this way, improve the population's life conditions.


"Acsendo has managed to build a flexible performance evaluation platform with the capacity of adaptation to the customer's needs"

Banorte, the Mercantile Bank of the North, is the third biggest institution in Mexico in what comes to size of deposits and the fourth biggest in credit. Banort has about 13 million customers in the banking sector, 27 thousand employees servicing 1.184 branch offices, 7.135 ATM machines and 6.853 contact points through co-responsible banks across the country.


"The evaluation allowed us to cross information from all areas of the institution to find solutions to specific problems"

The National Electoral Counsil of Ecuador guarantees the exercise of the political rights of the citizenship and promotes the strengthening of the democracy, by means of the organization of electoral processes and the support of political and social organizations; ensuring a fair, equalitary, paritary, intercultural, free, democratic and just participation to elect and be elected.


"We build human talent management solutions together with Acsendo to answer specific needs of our organization"

Bodytech is a medical sports club created in 1997 that counts with 46 headquarters in Colombia, 10 in Perú and 39 in Chile. Its purpose is the improvement of the comunity's quality of life through the practice of physical exercise with healthy products and services that allows them to perform, see themselves and feel better.

Optima Consulting

Facing our problems, Acsendo answers with solutions in an agile way.

A company client of ours, an academic institution, referred having importante climate and interpersonal problems in a specific area.

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