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Uncover the hidden talents in your organization
Using the competency-based evaluation you can collect 360 degree feedback, identify gaps and create development plans to close them


Boost your Company’s Productivity

Discover your company’s shortcomings and glorify its over-performing talents

The 360º Competency evaluation helps you assess if your employees have the right set of skills for the job at hand, by gathering feedback form those that work closely with each employee.

The multi-rater evaluations allows you to gather 360º feedback: Automatically select who-evaluates-who: managers, peers, subordinates, customers, etc/p>

What do I need to know to evaluate competencies?

Well, not much actually. We’ll be there along the way helping you out, but we think you’ll find it quite easy. You just have to set your company’s organizational competencies. These are assigned to everyone.

After that, the system will take each employee’s department and role type (operational, tactical, and strategic) and automatically assign specific competencies to each employee.

The evaluation is multilevel. An employee can evaluate himself, and also be evaluated by her manager, peers, and direct reports.

Which competency model do you want to use?

We have our own Competency framework

You already have your own competency-based model that you want to use in the assessment? That’s perfect! You just have to upload an Excel spreadsheet with the competencies and statements and the app will automatically assign them to everyone in your org. chart.

Don’t worry, the system helps you along the process and is fully customizable. You can use as unlimited job position levels and evaluate as many competencies as you’d like. You may use specific competencies for each department, manager, and even to each individual job position.

Easily set the rules for who the evaluators will be to each employee and the amount of feedback you want to collect and you’re good to go.


Results and Reports

You’ll have access to your company’s general report, the departments’ reports and, of course, each individual competencies report. Oh, and you can edit them: change the color scheme, apply new tables and graphics comparing job positions and departments.

Select feedback options and the rules for classifying a competency as showing room for improvement. Choose your results’ color scheme and the scale of classifications. The report comes can be fully branded to better reflect your company’s look and feel.

Individual development plan

Performing the 360 degrees competencies assessment is important, but it is only effective if it’s followed by a results review session with the direct manager.

This is the time to create individual development plans for each employee!

Link the activities in the IDP with the competencies that have shown the bigger gaps in order to close them. Stablish tracking periods and identify the employee’s progress for each activity.


Automatic competencies for each job role

Many users told us that they couldn’t perform competency assessments because they lacked the competency framework to do so. That’s why we created our own competency library, built for SMBs and automatically assigned to each and every employee inside your organization.

You just have to select the organizational competencies – the ones that everyone inside the company must have – and match your departments with our library. With that information, together with your org. chart, Acsendo can generate the competencies that are needed for each job role in your organization.

Finally, you just choose the evaluator-relations, that’s to say, who-evaluates-who, it can be 90º, 180º, or 360º as in: manager; peer; subordinates; customers; etc.


Acsendo Competencies Report

The individual competency reports will show your company’s logo and a custom intro text so as to create a cover that conveys your company’s look and feel.

The report is very intuitive with various graphics and tables that will let the employee and his manager quickly glance at the global results. They’ll also be able to dive into the data and see the results for each evaluator type and each competency.

There’s a color scheme in place to help read the information contained in the report, for each competency and behavior, the employee can see the highlighted best and worst scores (the competency gaps). They’ll also find all the feedback commentaries that each co-worker has made on their performance.

What our customers are saying

“With Acsendo we no longer have to worry about our human talent software. We are actually able to just focus on managing our worforce.”

Camila Rodríguez / PayU

Perform a 360 degree evaluation and discover if you have the right people for each job role