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Talent management software that's easy to use and adapts to your company.

Acsendo Flex adapts to your company's needs

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Every organization recognizes the need to evaluate, manage and optimize the performance of its human talent. Nonetheless, these processes tend to be bureaucratic and tiresome for everyone involved. It’s particularly frustrating for the HR person responsible for the assessments program.
But no more! Acsendo’s talent management software adapts to your company’s needs and assessment models. Identify competency gaps and high potential employees; and start to improve your employees’ performance today.

Assess performance the easy way

Does it take you months to implement company-wide assessments? Well, no more! With our intuitive system and our dedicated support team you'll be up and running in a matter of days.

Promote meritocracy

Employees are happier and more engaged when they feel that decisions in their company are based upon merit and competence alone.

Sit at the c-level table

Quantify your team’s performance and engagement levels, get reports that your directors will understand and build individual development plans.

With Acsendo Flex we've been able to conduct our competency-based assessments and to track the performance of our employees individual goals in an easy and intuitive way

Victor Viana — Manager - Triple i Consulting




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