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Performance Management made easy.
Choose Competencies. Set Goals.
Track Progress. Close the Gaps!


You don’t need to be an expert in Talent Management to start improving your employees’ productivity

Packed with content

You don’t have your own Competencies Model? No problem, our system comes fully packed with a library of competencies and goals specific for every type of role.

Free from IT

Let’s face it: no one likes to have to go to IT for help! Feel liberated by being able to setup all your performance management processes without any need to talk to a developer.

Safe & Reliable

All data is encrypted. We also guarantee anonymity throughout the assessment processes, so rest assured that your data is completely safe with us!

Loving Support

We take great pride in our support team, actually, our support team is about every single one of us. Meet the team!

Fits your needs

You don’t have to pay for what you don’t need. From the Talent Management Suite you can choose just the modules that match your needs: Work Environment; Goals; Competencies; IDP; and others.


Is your team spread out in different countries? Well, that’s exactly why we’ve built Acsendo with multi-language support. The system is available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

What are customers are saying

“With the data provided by Acsendo’s tools we were able to be competitive in markets where before we didn’t stand a chance.”

– Paz Vial/ Optima Consulting

Discover how to increase the effectiveness of your workforce by implementing a results-oriented appraisal program

Work Environment

Get a clear picture of the environment your team works in by asking those who know it better: Your employees!
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360° Competencies

We want to make competencies assessments as enjoyable as giving a pay raise. Take a look at our automated competencies model.
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Goal Management

Empower your employees by letting them know how their performance impacts the company’s bottom line.
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Find out why 1000+ companies are using Acsendo to better manage their Talent.

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